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What makes us different?

At 321 Photo Booth, our mission began with a vision to revolutionize the photo booth experience, infusing it with an undeniable ‘WOW’ factor. Recognizing a creative gap in the industry during our encounters at various weddings, we were driven to introduce a wave of innovation and personalized charm to each event. Our unique approach extends beyond merely capturing memories – we are dedicated to creating them. In collaboration with talented local artists, we craft an array of handmade props and installations, each uniquely tailored to resonate with the theme, colors, and cultural nuances of your event. This partnership not only champions the creativity of our community’s artists but also empowers us to offer experiences that are genuinely bespoke and reflective of our clients’ visions. By harmonizing these artistic elements with high-quality photography and customized templates, 321 Photo Booth is committed to transforming your significant moments into extraordinarily personalized and unforgettable experiences. Get ready to be enthralled as we seamlessly integrate your personal style, theme colors, and cultural essence into every aspect of your special day.



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